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May 2020

Hello everybody,

So here we are in May, 2020, a year that I don’t think any of us will ever forget!!

I hope you are all keeping well and staying safe - I am so impressed with how so many of our holiday-makers have been dealing with the COVID-19 situation - very well done to you all! I have chatted to many of you about what you are getting up to, and for those who I haven’t spoken to - don’t forget I am always available at the end of the phone, if you do fancy a chat! So, with no 'holidays' for me at the moment I have had time to check on various things!! Ooops - sadly I think updated newsletters have been few and far between - I am so sorry. I have definitely been too busy enjoying myself on holiday with you all. So, I shall now try to make-up for lost time with a bit of an update!

We have had some amazing holidays since the last newsletter, great times with loads of fun and laughter in various places all around the UK and in Europe. Whilst we have all made lots of new friends, for us ‘oldies’ we have also been able to catch up with those we’ve known for years (and years and years -far too many to mention I fear). There is nothing better than seeing a group meet up at the start of the holiday, recognise each other from previous holidays and pick up with their friendships exactly where they left off, however long ago that might have been!

For the first time in over 16 years I have now been at home for more than 8 weeks in a row - it’s amazing! (Not sure Sue would call it that though!!!!) However, we have been making some tentative arrangements for when this is all over - rest assured we will do everything possible to resume our programme absolutely soonest possible in a safe way. We are keeping in touch with our holiday-makers regarding their current bookings/plans. Should we have to postpone any of the holidays you are booked on, rest assured we will contact you directly and discuss future options. We know that you, like me, will be missing your holidays and your friends, but imagine how great it will be when we all get back together. I for one cannot wait!

There is a part of me that says I should be saying that I hope to be able to update the newsletters more frequently, but then again, if history is anything to go by - maybe it is better for them to be out of date and for us to be enjoying our holidays together! Fingers crossed we will all get together sooner rather than later, meantime sending our very best wishes to you all,

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